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Past Exhibitions - 2006

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When: October 28, 2006 - December 23, 2006
GALLERY RECEPTION: Saturday, October 28th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: Xiem Gallery

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Collection: Xiem Gallery is proud to present this exhibition on the eve of Tomás Owen's departure for Mexico. Since his arrival in Los Angeles little more than two years ago, Tomás has captivated the attention of a wide audience with his masterly transformation of thrown elements into figurative forms. Opening October 28th and running through December 23rd, the show will be complemented by a selection of the artist's utilitarian and decorative pieces in Xiem Gallery's retail section.

"The work in this show is sculptural - an exploration of the human form; yet I approach my work through the techniques of a ceramist. My pieces begin as wheel thrown segments, that are then assembled and shaped. I often wonderwhere the beauty of a figure lies, what it is that makes a face attractive, or gives to a body its sensuous aura, improbable balance and grace. In this series I am seeking ripe grace, humor and sensuality, but the juice comes from the clay itself. Clay has a sensuous nature that seduces many. With clay, one must enter into a dialogue. I ask some things of the material and at other times I best let the material do what it will. My most important tools are my hands. But to sketch a mango you should look at the light on its skin, caress it and feel it's weight in your hand, smell it, and then peel the skin back and take a bite." - Tomás Owen
Artist(s) Bio: Tomás Owen studied and practiced architecture, but has also been involved in theatrical design and art direction for film and television. In the late 70's he began working with ceramics in Naolinco, Veracruz with Hal Babbitt. From 1985 until 1993 he worked with Gustavo Pérez and then set up his own shop with a wood fired kiln in Xalapa. In 2005 he set up a studio in Los Angeles.

For more information on Tomás Owen and "This Sensuous Earth"
visit his website:

When: September 2, 2006 - October 21, 2006
Where: Xiem Gallery

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Collection: The action verb in the show's title expresses the positive energy that continues to characterize the collaborative and individual achievements of two committed artists who have been creating with clay for almost 40 years.
Artist(s) Bio: "The Colemans" is virtually a name-brand within the American ceramics fraternity - not only as a result of Tom's success in the development and marketing of clays and glazes, or the fact that the work of Tom and Elaine Coleman is so widely exposed via exhibitions, publications and workshops, but also because their collaborative partnership and determination to overcome obstacles in the struggle to live out the dream of so many ceramics students in the 70's - namely to make a living out of their love of ceramics, was immortalized in "The Mud Pie Dilemma", by John Nance, in 1977.

Today, almost 30 years on, Tom and Elaine have collectively explored almost every career option available to ceramics practitioners. In theprocess, they have reached that extraordinary level of skill where making becomes as natural a part of life as breathing. And their dynamic collaboration has strengthened to the point where Tom's pots have evolved into the vehicle through which both artists explore themes of color and texture.

As a couple, the Colemans appear to maintain what appears to be a perfect balance of complementary opposites; and the best way to see their work is in combination. While Tom's richly textured colors and surfaces accurately reflect his passion for the visual landscape of their desert home in Nevada, Elaine is widely acclaimed for pieceswhich reflect the reverse pre-occupation of people who daily experience an arid environment:- perhaps the easiest way to describe her effects is "watery". Working solely on porcelain pieces made by Tom, Elaine uses intricate carving and celadon hued glazes to create languid representations of fauna and foliage which both extend and interrogate the actual contours of the pot.

When: April 22, 2006 - June 24, 2006
GALLERY RECEPTION: Saturday, April 22nd from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: Xiem Gallery

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Collection: New works by Paul Soldner and James Coquia

The title of this exhibition - conceived by Kirk Delman, curator of the Marer Collection at Scripps College and a close friend of both artists, salutes and satirizes their relationship.

Paul Soldner's mid- 20th century re-defininition of the aesthetics, philosophy and technology of ceramics is well known and continues to inspire countless ceramic practitioners. Yet notwithstanding his seminal stature, Soldner consistently credits "my guru, Pete" Voulkos with kick-starting and fuelling his extraordinary career.

Since 1999 the production and firing of many of Soldner's pieces has been facilitated by the assistance of James Coquia, his junior by 51 years. A talented artist in his own right, James cites his involvement with Soldner as sparking new conceptual and technical initiatives in his own creative development.

Xiem Gallery is proud to present UNDER THE INFLUENCE - new ceramic works by two artists side-stepping the 'anxiety of influence' to acknowledge origin as the root of originality.
Artist(s) Bio: Paul Soldner (b. 1921) Arguably one of the most significant figures in ceramic art of the 20th-century, Paul Soldner is internationally recognized as both innovator and inventor. As well known for his pioneering development of American raku and low-temperature salt firing as he is for his ingeniously designed and promoted range of ceramic equipment, Soldner was seminal in the foundation of the National Council for Education in Cermic Art, the development of Anderson Ranch and the institution of the prestigous Scripps Ceramics Annual. During his 37-year tenure, Soldner created an exciting alternative to traditional ceramics programs at Scripps College, Claremont. His presence at the College attracted to Scripps not only hundreds of talented students but also the important gift of the Marer Collection of contemporary American ceramics.

Soldner retired from formal teaching in 1991, simultaneously expanding the scope of his influence by extending his commitment to workshop presentations and exhibitions.

For more information on Paul Soldner
visit his website:

James Coquia (b. 1972) On completion of formal ceramics studies, James committed himself to mastering the practical dynamics of kiln building and wood-firing. His association with Paul Soldner dates from 1999 - while on the staff of Woodstoke, he assisted in firing the work of a number of eminent ceramic artists including Peter Voulkos, Soldner and Rudy Autio.

Coquia's aesthetic range continues to develop in tandem with his technical expertise through numerous positions as studio assistant, ceramic instructor, lab technician, and kiln constructor.

For more information on James Coquia
visit his website:

When: December 3, 2005 - February 18, 2006
Where: Xiem Gallery

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Collection: 24 Ceramic Artists Explore Gifts and Giving

Biliana Popova, Cheryl Ann Thomas, Chris Cook, Gere Kavanaugh, ngrid Lilligren, Jean Kojima, Jennifer Joyce, John Hopkins, Joy Hought, Julianna Balogh, Junzo Mori, Kevin Myers, Kevin Nguyen, Maria White Mebane, Michael and Magdalebna Frimkess, Pam Theis, Richard McColl, Ricky Maldonado, Sierra Pecheur, Steven Horn, Vincent Suez.
Curator: Curator: Suzette Munnik

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