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Current Exhibition

Current Xiem Gallery Exhibition

EXHIBITION: The Embodiment of Inclusivity:
An Exhibition
During these tough political times, our nation is experiencing constant aggression and violence against people of color. We are exposed to it on a daily basis in all branches of the media.

We have become a society that fears those that look and think differently than us. It is a common reaction to fear what we do not know. BUT in order to lose that ‘fear’ or sense of ‘other’ we first must break down the barriers that divide and continue to separate us.

Inspiration for this group show came from the idea to present different glimpses or flashes of people’s experiences. How can we truly grow and empathize with other people when we continues to surround ourselves daily in same places and with the same people? Our own personal experiences vary so much that it makes us appear to be extremely different from each other. Nevertheless, we have more things in common than we may acknowledge.

Culture/race/heritage are sensitive words and topics. I believe it is important to understand as much as we can about our own personal histories and origins in order to cultivate an appreciation of all those that came before us. Moving forward tends to be easier when we know where we are coming from.

Verbal interactions between us are also significant. Perhaps we have forgotten how to speak to each other with respect and humility. Even so, sharing our stories with strangers or conversing about narratives passed down from generation to generation have been some of the most beautiful tales I have ever heard.

Included in this show are snapshots, flickers of moments and places from the narrative of these artists’ lives. I hope you find them interesting, curious, and inviting.
ARTISTS: Zeina Baltagi
Lourdes Jiménez
Narsiso Martinez
Kimberly Morris
WHERE: Xiem Gallery

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GALLERY RECEPTION: SEPTEMBER 1st, from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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