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Current Exhibition

Current Xiem Gallery Exhibition

Xiem Gallery is delighted to present Many Hands Make Light Work - an exhibition of ceramic Table Lamps, produced in an amazing collaboration between Xiem Students, Instructors and Members.

Xiem Member, photographer and art director Adi Mizrahi devised and presented a Table Lamp class at Xiem at the end of 2017. Working with Intermediate level Hand Building students – most of whom had taken several classes with Titia Estes, he and partner Ron Hellmann facilitated the design, construction and wiring of a variety of unique hand made ceramic lamps. The students' lamps were so successful that we decided to show them in the Gallery - together with lamps produced by other Xiem members inspired by the project, plus a few made by Adi and Ron for their exciting new design company, Mizrahi-Hellman Ceramics. Enjoy!

EXHIBITION: Many Hands Make Light Work
ARTISTS: Alice Vaughn
Carol Horst
Christine Schwandt
Diana Ajemian
Dorien Garry
Leah Busby
Mizrahi – Hellmann Ceramics
DATES: MARCH 27 – MAY 26, 2018
WHERE: Xiem Gallery

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